What is APT?

(APT) is a stealthy computer network threat actor, typically a nation state or state-sponsored group, which gains unauthorized access to a computer network and remains undetected for an extended period. In recent times, the term may also refer to non-state sponsored groups conducting large-scale targeted intrusions for specific goals.

Such threat actors motivations are typically political or economic. To date, every major business sector has recorded instances of attacks by advanced actors with specific goals seeking to steal, spy or disrupt. These include government, defense, financial services, legal services, industrial, telecoms, consumer goods and many more. Some groups utilize traditional espionage vectors, including social engineering, human intelligence and infiltration to gain access to a physical location to enable network attacks. The purpose of these attacks is to place custom malicious code on one or multiple computers for specific tasks.


Why Kaspersky?

Insights into the most damaging threats

Kaspersky Lab’s GReAT team now tracks 100+ threat actors, uncovering the most sophisticated and dangerous targeted attacks, cyber-espionage campaigns, major malware, ransomware and underground cybercriminal trends in 85 countries

Access to non-public investigations

Only a small number of our investigations are announced publicly but all are reported to our active customers, helping them to proactively deploy effective threat detection and risk mitigation controls for the associated campaigns

Content relevant to your specific role

Each report provides an overview of the campaign, outlining industries and regions affected, probably attribution and objectives, as well as detailed technical analysis with a list of corresponding IoCs and YARA rules