OSINT Intelligence Gathering and Enumeration


To begin defending against Cyber attacks, it is important to understand the information that can be gathered about your organization from public sources and the dark web and open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering does just that.

Are you confident you are using best approach for understanding your threat surface?
How do you find out if you have had a data breach?

OSINT Intelligence Gathering and Enumeration

Seniors IT’ comprehensive OSINT techniques identify IP Addresses, sub-domains, ports, services, technologies used, sensitive leaked information and credentials pertaining to an organization, essentially mapping its attack surface.

Our Approach

Cyber Criminals use publicly available information that can be gathered about an organization to launch targeted attacks. It is important for an organization to understand what information they are divulging, knowingly or un-knowingly.


Source Identification

The initial phase is to identify sources from which information can be gathered. The sources are internally documented as per pre-defined processes and to capture enough details that can be referred to as and when necessary.

Data Harvesting

The security analyst collects and harvests information from multiple sources like Social media, search engines, OSINT tools, deep and dark web and other relevant sources pertaining to the target organization.

Data Processing and Integration

Our expert security analysts process the harvested information for actionable intelligence by searching for information that may assist in enumeration

Data Analysis

Using effective OSINT tools the security analyst performs data analysis of the processed information using OSINT analysis tools.

Result Delivery

Once the OSINT analysis is complete, the findings are reported and presented the client or to the red team for use in adversarial simulations.