From checking the Infrastructure Device Accessibility and Vulnerability to managing sessions and DoS Attacks, our experts ensure your Servers and local storage – everything is checked for security loopholes. We ensure your backbone network is secured, you have a confined data encapsulation and a secure data routing.

Is your business meeting the required regulatory standards?
Did you know systems configured in the same way are more vulnerable to a similar attack?
Are you getting regular updates on the health of your data security?
Have you conducted a Security configuration review of your critical devices and systems recently?

Minimum Security Baselines

The Seniors IT’ team follows the CIS and DISA guidelines and ensures both high-level and technical security standards are adhered to. We create achievable yet critical baselines so that your team can gradually meet them, and our technical baseline security checks ensure proper documentation of each OS configurations and their functions, to have you covered well.

Our Approach

Defining security standards for multiple systems enables stringent security, providing more efficient use of time for technical support for users where the systems already comply to defined configurations, hence narrowing down the risks.



We establish the minimum baseline standards for a system or device so that it appropriately documents and classifies according to the server type, desktop workstation, Network or Security device, and its role.


Our security champions will identify the new standards that will be finalized and approved by the IT management team, the standards will then be published and made available to IT team and the overall organization to mitigate threats to your organization.




A comprehensive assessment and testing are conducted with the new baseline configuration against the organization’s test machines. This will enable identification of issues and ensure that your configuration will result in a functioning system or device avoiding costly downtime. 

Security Vulnerabilities

We present a security evaluation report for you to gauge immediate risks to an application, server or browser data, and we create steps to guide you to effectively mitigate these threats to your environment.



Integrated Service Pack

Value-added services like Security Architecture review, Minimum Baseline Security Standards (MBSS), Security Baselining, Configuration Review, and Security Standards documentation along with VAPT services.




Deployment Automation

Our team ensures the effectiveness of the developed MBSS, scripts will be created to automate the deployment in Operating Systems like Unix/Linux, Windows, and Solaris. NetSentries technical baselines comprise of separate files for each OS and system configuration, and the function of each system type